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The Juárez Mission, as it is commonly referred to by the Coronado Christian Church members, is officially the “Miguel Henríquez Guzmán Escuela Primeria Federal,” a community school on the southwest outskirts of Juárez, Mexico, approximately 25 miles from the Santa Teresa border entry station.

The mission was established by the founding pastor of our church, Dr. James Jauncey, over 45 years ago. Our support consists of financial aid to buy and prepare food for a mid-morning, hot meal for the underprivileged children attending the school. For many, it’s the only hot meal of the day and for some, the only meal they will get that day.

Additionally, we have a standing request for the donation of canned milk and cereal (dry goods), rice, beans, canned goods, and any unneeded clothing and household items that may be used by the children and their families.

There are two “Angles of Mercy” that do the lion’s share of the work: Ms. Maria De Los Angeles Villa, who has worked with the mission for many years, along with one assistant. Angela’s grown children frequently provide assistance in the form of transportation and kitchen duty.

We have been able to provide this support entirely through the dedicated monetary contributions and other gifts donated by our membership and concerned citizens. Mostly, it’s a few dollars or loose change that our members place in the envelopes found in the pew pockets, and clothing and other household items no longer needed by the givers.

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The Juárez Mission
If you would like to contribute to our Juárez Mission, please mail donations to:
Coronado Christian Church
Attn: Juárez Mission
118 Belvidere
El Paso, TX 79912

If you’d like to speak with someone for more information, please call

On behalf of the children and staff,
thank you for your kind and generous donations!

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