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Pastor Gordon WoffordmSenior Pastor
Pastor Wofford is a licensed and ordained minister. Since 1985 he has served as a Pastor in the El Paso area. He has a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision, as well as a Seminary Master’s Degree of Theological Studies (MTS). Gordon has been a Bible scholar for 40 years, with 33 years of study in Koine Greek and Old Testament Hebrew, and he has translated into English the entire Greek New Testament, most of the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament) and major portions of the Hebrew Old Testament. Gordon has taught since 1971 and continues to teach English at Irvin High School. His wife, Dena, teaches history at Eastwood High School. Gordon and Dena have four children.

Rev. Roy JohnsonmPastor Emeritus
Reverend Johnson is a retired football coach and teacher. Roy has been a lay minister for over 30 years and for the past 19 years he has been the associate minister
at Coronado Christian Church.

Gone but not forgotten...

Dr. James H. Jauncey
Dr. Jauncey is renowned as the founding pastor of Coronado Christian Church in 1971. He was an ordained minister of both Baptist and Christian churches, and earned 10 academic degrees. He headed the department of science and mathematics at King’s College, Adelaide, Australia and was technical advisor to the Australian government during World War II. In 1948 he came to the United States to study and teach theology and philosophy. He joined the missile construction program at White Sands Missile Range where he supervised the design and construction of delicate electronic components for the missiles. He also served for six years as founder and president of Kenmore Christian College in Australia. A qualified clinical psychologist, Dr. Jauncey had doctoral standing in mathematics and religion, masters status in science, psychology and history and bachelors degrees in four fields.

Rev. Dr. Herbert Bartel

Dr. Bartel served as pastor emeritus, was a volunteer minister at Coronado Christian Church and served the church for more than 24 years. He received his bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, masters from University of Texas, and doctorate from Texas A&M University. Herb served in the United States Navy during WWII as a Seabee. He was a Civil Engineering Professor who taught 26 years at Southern Methodist University and 30 years at University of Texas at El Paso. Herb was a lifetime Biblical scholar, and a licensed and ordained minister.

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Coronado Christian Church
is a fellowship of Believers devoted to the Lord. We believe that the Bible
is the center of our lives. The applications, principles, promises and teachings
of His Word guide and direct us to enjoy a life-long, loving relationship with Him.
Through the guidance of His Word, our Church seeks to be a Christ-centered
and Spirit-filled congregation in which the Word of God abounds in our lives.
We believe that we must continue to grow in grace and in the
knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We extend an invitation to you to visit our fellowship.

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